"transform and fly high"

Shikha Thapa

shikha thapa

Founder/ Owner of Studio Sapphire

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Studio Sapphire is truly a beautiful baby that was born with love and passion just like you and everyone around you. As a September baby, Shikha named the studio after her birthstone "SAPPHIRE". You may be questioning why the "butterfly" logo? Don't worry! You are not alone. At some point, everyone asked the question.


butterfly love...

A butterfly has a deeper meaning than you think. Butterflies are powerful representations of life and transformations. Many of us associate the butterfly with our souls and angels. A small butterfly can represent endurance, change, hope, and life which is the exact purpose and mission of Studio Sapphire.

Studio Sapphire is not your typical studio that fits in a box or a description of a studio/ gym. We operate as a family with love and experience the true meaning of a "community". We welcome you with open arms and we can't wait to meet you.

Our mission is to create a peaceful, uplifting space where you can be yourself, heal and feel centered through dance, yoga and fitness. As you walk through the doors of Sapphire, we want it to be a place that will remind us of our universal bond and interconnectedness with one another. We welcome you to our family as we continue to spread love and gratitude.


What can you expect?

· A loving and caring environment

· Peace of mind and clarity

· Develop tools and skills to improve your health.

· Better health and mindful living

· Happiness

· Become a part of a like-minded community

· Release stress and letting go of what doesn't serve you right.

· Self-discovery

· Variety of fun, transformational, healing and mind-stimulating classes

· Live a happy and meaningful life

It’s a great feeling coming into a studio feeling happy and welcomed, everyone is supportive and kind! I leave here with a good attitude and genuine joy.
— Elaine G.