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23 October 2019 • 9_00 pmThe Cable Yacht Club (1).png

Class description:

We offer an exclusive mat based fitness class that combines resistance training for strength, yoga for flexibility/ mind training, and few dance moves on some days for a fun cardio. The class will be based on the participant’s level. We offer options from low impact to high impact and modifications for all levels. We also offer full length fitness classes that doesn’t require mats. No prior experience is necessary. We guide through progression. We also incorporate meditation to cleanse, enhance and empower the mind. 

Class requirements:

Workout clothes or comfortable lose fitting clothes. Shoes may be required for some fitness classes but not for yoga classes. Must bring your own yoga mats.

Class calendar (may vary)

  • 4 quarters

  • Jan 15- March 31, April 1-June 30, July 1-Sept30, Oct 1-Dec 19

  • 1 hour classes twice a week.

  • Hours: Lunch hour or after work hours

  • Minimum 20 sign ups required.

  • Off weeks: Jan1-Jan 14 (New Years), May 28-June 2 (Memorial Day week), Nov 19- Nov 24 (Thanksgiving week), Dec 22-Dec 31 (Christmas week)

  • A trained, reliable and knowledgable substitute teacher will be in place in the absence of the main teacher at all times.


Mission: Create alignment to people’s happiness because a happy employee is a productive employee.

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